Smartphones Revolution

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I remember when the iPhone first introduced. I was still working at a computer shop then. A coworker was in the business of trading phones. Meaning, we purchase from someone else, unlock and resale at a higher cost. The initial iPhones with their software exploits create a considerable capital gain for iPhone trading by running a simple script. I got my 1st gen iPhone (very left) from pure profits of trading two phones away.

The love for iPhone ends sharply after the introduction of iPhone 5. I purchased it. That weekend, the drive to Denver and realizing the phone is useless. It was a network issue. AT&T network wasn’t ready for the massive surge I am sure. Also, the design wasn’t as appealing to me. Google, on the other hand, has introduced their real attempt into the smartphone business with the Nexus 4. Note, due to research, I’ve used quite a few other androids before making such switch.