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50 S Central Campus Dr., MEB 3129

Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Research Interests

I have been working on wireless devices capable of being deployed around a collapsed building to collect channel measurements that enable the localization of people and estimation of their breathing rate. Within this large problem, my specific interest is to develop a highly synchronized embedded system that introduces new measurement capabilities for device-free localization and breathing monitoring. Most such systems measure the channel via the received signal strength indicator (RSSI). In my research, I consider the effect of other link measurements, including the phase of the received signal. The precision of a device's phase measurement is influenced by the "quality of time", encompassing the resolution, accuracy and stability of the on-board clock network. There are numerous engineering tradeoffs between the quality of time and the energy consumption of the device. Hence, my study will explore the design of the clock network to minimize the energy consumption and meet the specifications required for accurate phase measurements. In addition, this work has application in tight time-synchronization of a wireless network so that it can reduce the guard band in the time division multiple access (TDMA) protocols and thus achieve greater bandwidth and energy efficiency.

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